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Star of Bethlehem Basketball League

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are the practices? Practices will be 45 minutes in length one day per week starting the week of February 3 and ending the week of March 16.  The practice will be held either on Tuesday or Thursday between the hours of 4:00pm and 7:45pm.  Specific practice times will be communicated in early January after the teams have been divided. Additionally, all players will be invited to a camp prior to the start of the season to begin to work on the basic basketball skills.
  2. When are the games? The game dates are on the following Saturdays: Feb. 8, 15, 22, and 29 and March 7 and 14.  The games will all be played in the mornings except on Saturday, February 22 they will be played later afternoon and evening.  Specific game times will be communicated in early January after the teams have been divided.  
  3. Will my child get playing time in the games? Absolutely!  At this level, we first want to help the kids see the fun in the game.  While doing this, we also want them to develop the fundamental skills.  In order to most effectively do this, every athlete will fully participate in every practice and also get equal playing time in each game.
  4. What if we can't make a practice or game?  No problem.  We do want to help develop a "team" mindset within the athletes already in their lives.  However, we will completely and fully understand when a conflict arises and they can't be present.  No worries.
  5. When do we pay the fee? The fee is paid through Paypal using a credit or debit card immediately following your registration.  You can access the payment page by going to  If you very much hesitate to pay using this method, please contact our Director, Tim Mueller at  He's a pretty good guy and will work with you.  :)
  6. Is there a family discount on the registration fee? There is no family discount on the registration fee.  With that said, we do not want the fee to prohibit any child from participating.  Please feel comfortable reaching out to Mr. Tim Mueller, principal at Star and our league director, and letting him know you would like your child or children to participate but have financial concerns.  He loves serving families.  Please communicate these concerns in person by setting up a meeting with him.  He can be reached at
  7. Is there anything else for me to know? It is never too early for parents of athletes to begin educating themselves on concussions.  Valuable and insightful resources have been put together by the CDC.  They can be located at

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